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“ABC CHOMP! is one of the best phonics and reading apps out there.”

 Once kids start playing ABC CHOMP!,
they’ll never stop . . . learning!

ABC CHOMP! is different!

Let’s face it, most educational games are SUPER BORING for kids.  SUPER FUN games, on the other hand, rarely have much educational value. Luckily, ABC CHOMP! is different.

Not only do kids want to play this game again and again, it’s loaded with important tools to help them develop a natural understanding of the ABCs, phonics, spelling, reading, problem solving and math.

The concept is so simple, 2-year-olds can even play and start learning the foundational skills for reading and writing English as they play and learn new words. It’s the perfect tool for parents and teachers who want to teach reading and writing in a fun way that kids want to try again and again. But don’t take our word for it! Just let your kids play for 30 seconds and you’ll see why ABC CHOMP! devours all other ABC/phonics games and apps.

Don’t put those in your mouth!

Feed them to me if they start with “B”!

Eat the words with B

Each level features a letter of the alphabet and a character that starts with the same letter. Level A has a hungry alligator, Level B has a hungry bat, and so on. Kids have to listen to the sound of each word as it rolls out on the sushi train. Then they can decide to feed the words to the characters or pass. If they feed a word to the character that starts with the same letter as the character, then 100 points are added to the score. Otherwise, 100 points are subtracted. Once in a while, there are even some special things that may be good or may be bad!

The cute characters and fun animations keep kids wanting to chomp and strengthen their problem-solving skills as they go.

ABC Chomp Game Demo
ABC Chomp Game Demo
Cat Image

Let’s do a Spell ‘n’ Match for extra points!

The more you practice spelling, the more points you get overall!

In order to start chomping, kids have to complete the Spell ‘n’ Match Challenge. First they have to read the letters of a word and try to find which card it’s hiding behind. This is especially useful for teaching the ABCs and reading. EFL/ESL teachers can take advantage of this spelling game alone to create a fun classroom environment! Best of all, the points earned in the Spell ‘n’ Match Challenge carry over to the chomping round, so kids are motivated to learn the ABCs and practice spelling every time they play.

Bonus round demo

There’s more to life than just games.

So, let’s mix it up with fun printouts and activities!

Free Spelling Printouts

By combining free PDF printouts from our Free Stuff area with the ABC CHOMP! web app game, you’ll find that kids start to enjoy doing printouts. Not only do the printouts use the same vocabulary as the game, but they’re colorful and fun for kids. Rather than just copying words or doing repetitive writing practice, these printouts challenge kids to think and develop problem-solving skills.

You can also hop over to BINGOBONGO Learning to get more awesome, free flashcards and worksheets. There’s a set of 19 feelings and emotions flashcards that’s perfect for teaching young learners English. You might also enjoy all the resources in their list of 10 free colors flashcard lesson plans and activities.

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Let’s Watch the ABC CHOMP! Channel!

An exciting way to study and review the vocabulary words before or after playing the game!

Join Ari the Alligator and all his friends on the ABC CHOMP! Channel. As you watch the videos, you can learn the vocabulary from each level of the game, say the words and spellings along with Ari and his friends, and even try to guess the correct answers as you watch him play ABC CHOMP! But we are warning you, Ari is pretty good at the game and usually gets a very high score. After watching the video, you can repeat the Spell ‘n’ Match game as many times as you want to try to beat his high score. Good luck!

Less Talk, More CHOMP!

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