ABC Chompers! – Fun Paper Craft Coloring & Alphabet Writing Activity

ABC chompers paper craft

Practice writing the words, color your favorite characters, cut, and then CHOMP!

Kids and teachers around the world love playing ABC CHOMP!, the super fun web app game for learning the ABCs, spelling, and phonics. Well now there’s a paper craft activity to make the characters from the game which is great for the classroom or at home. Teachers can download and print these free PDFs and use them to make exciting lessons, and parents can use them to help their children learn and master the alphabet, reading, and writing at home.

make abc chompers

These printouts are packed with several fun things that children love to do. First, kids have to match the correct spellings with the words. Then they must write the letters in uppercase and lowercase. After that, they can color the characters and word discs. Finally, kids can cut out the character and words, and start feeding the character its favorite words.

practice spelling and writing

ABC Chompers are easy to make, the process of making them has many valuable educational activities, and kids want to make them all, especially after they play the free web game, ABC CHOMP!

How to make ABC Chompers!

Making these cute paper craft characters is super easy, and you probably already have all the supplies in your house or classroom. If you’re ever in a pinch for an activity to do in your lessons or on a rainy day, ABC Chompers will save the day.

What you need to make ABC Chompers

  • Free PDF Outline printed on thick paper

  • A pencil (to practice writing)

  • Crayons or colored pencils

  • Scissors

  • Clear tape (Scotch tape)

  • Stapler

Step 1

Print out the free PDFs for the letter/character you want to make.

how to make abc chompers

Step 2

Practice the pronunciation and spelling for the words on the word discs. If you want use flashcards to teach the words, we recommend these digital flashcards or printable flashcards from our friends at BINGOBONGO Learning.

cut out the shapes

Step 3

Draw a line from each word to the correct spelling and then write the uppercase and lowercase letters.

alphabet writing

Step 4

Color the words and character and cut out all the parts on the dotted lines. Don’t forget to cut out the top part which will be used for the stand.

attach the stand

Step 5

Attach the stand and tape the words to the back for reference to remember the spellings. If you only tape the bottom and sides of the spellings, you can make a convenient pocket to store the word discs.

tape on the words

play games with abc chompers

Step 6

CHOMP! There are many ways to use the ABC Chompers after you make them. Kids can take turns asking “What does the alligator want to eat?” or “Does the bat like boxes?”

With a little more creativity, you can add dice and create a fun game using the ABC Chompers! The possibilities are endless.

make them all

Now it’s your turn to make
ABC Chompers!

Endless Possibilities with ABC Chompers

ABC Chompers are a great activity to do at home or in the classroom. Not only do they let kids practice reading/writing and encourage the use of problem solving skills, the also let kids be creative and use their imaginations. ABC Chompers can be used for hours of creative fun or even used in the classroom as an interactive tool for teaching. The most difficult part will be deciding which character to make first! We also made a short video demonstrating how to make the ABC Chompers. Show your kids and watch their faces light up with excitement!

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